Murray State College Gunsmithing School

Murray State College – A Brief History

MSC or Murray State College is a comprehensive, public, two-year college which was initially established in 1924 as a junior college. It is composed of a highly qualified staff, well-suited to provide instruction for students to meet all the requirements of both academic as well as occupational/technical programs. Found on southern edge of the fisherman’s paradise, Tishomingo, Oklahoma, Murray State College is bordered by several fresh running streams, creeks and rivers. Lake Texoma can also be found nearby, which is one of the world’s biggest man-made lakes wherein striper fishing is one of the favorite pastimes, along with activities such as water sports and camping. The area’s wildlife is also abundant, with large migratory flocks of Canadian ducks and geese that stop over every season at the National Wildlife Refuge, located south of the college. Tishomingo is around 100 miles north of the Fort Worth/Dallas are and 100 miles from Oklahoma City.

Staying at MSC

When you enroll in the NRA short-term Gunsmithing program of MSC, you will surely enjoy your stay at the area. Looking for a place to stay while you’re there is also not a problem. You can make reservations at the Western Inn in Tishomingo. You just need to say that you are currently attending MSC’s NRA school, and you’ll get a special rate.

Within a twenty-mile radius of the college are several stunning camping sites to enjoy while staying in the area. You will also find several motels within 30 miles of Tishomingo, the closest of which include Kingston, Madill, Durant and Ardmore. In case you do not want to leave the premises of the school, you can also choose to stay in the campus housing, built like private residences. Every suite comes with four bedrooms of single-occupancy, two bathrooms and one common area. Every room also has its own refrigerator and microwave. During your stay in the campus housing, you will get a couple of complementary meals inside the campus cafeteria, which is Sodexo-served.

NRA Gunsmithing Program at MSC

The National Rifle Association and Murray State College joined forces in developing a Gunsmithing program in the college in 1994. The program encompasses the design, function, and repair of shotguns, revolvers, auto pistols and rifles. The course consistst of blueing, knife making, engraving and welding. The program usually takes one to two weeks and is scheduled from May to July. The price is very affordable so you really need not worry. Make sure you enroll the soonest time possible before all the slots filled out.

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