Yavapai College Gunsmithing School

Yavapai College Gunsmithing Program

Yavapi College has been providing Arizona residents with quality education since 1965. This is one of the region’s finest gunsmithing schools. The school’s main branch is in Prescott, Arizona, but there are several satellite campuses – Prescott Valley, Sedona, Chin Valley and Clarkdale are all branches of the college. Innovative instructional approaches help busy professionals take part in the opportunities that are offered with educational advancement. Attending gunsmithing schools is a great way for adults to improve their value in the job market. The school offers convenient classes and has a knowledgeable financial aid department that helps students pay for their education.

Yavapi County Demographics

Prescott Courthouse

Photo by City of Prescott

Yavapi County, Arizona is in central Arizona. During the last census, there was a population of over 211,000. Prescott is the county seat and home to the main campus of Yavapi College. Sedona is one of the primary tourist destinations in the world and is known as a mystical place. This is another of the cities that is services by Yavapi College.


The relationship that exists between gunsmithing schools and the National Rifle Association (NRA) ensures that students will be fully certified to take part in this rewarding career. The NRA also provides students with the networking opportunities that are crucial for gaining employment during the current recession. Beginning students and experienced shooters are both sure to enjoy the classes and learn something during their education. The Instructors are knowledgeable and have spent years in the trade. Students will quickly learn how to make great money doing something they love. Yavapi College’s program teaches students about the business end of a gun shop to help them open their own business. Practical learning is another feature, and there is plenty of hands on experience available.


The classes that are offered are economical, and there are affordable payment options that make tuition costs negligible. Busy adults can also benefit from the convenient schedule of classes. There are many courses that are held during the evening and are the perfect choice for people who have a 9 to 5 career. The Internet is also used heavily during the educational process, and students are sure to appreciate the way that all of their information is found online. There is no longer any need to worry about losing homework assignments. Tutors can be found to help students who may be stuck with a particular problem.

Financial aid is another feature that draws thousands of students to the gunsmithing schools found at Yavapi College. The federal government offers a number of payment options, and nearly everyone is eligible to get a Pell Grant or loan to help them pay tuition, room and board and buy books.

Paying for Gunsmithing Schools

Prescott Scenery

Photo by City of Prescott

Pell Grants are given by the federal government, and they do not have to be paid back. The amounts vary, and students should apply by filing a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). The FAFSA is also of crucial importance to anyone who wants to get a loan to help pay for their education. Yavapi College’s financial aid department is available to assist all of their students through the steps that are required to get free money for school. Applying with the FAFSA is restricted with deadlines, and applications should be filled out as soon as possible.

Going to gunsmithing schools is a great way for busy adults to earn extra money. Yavapi College offers their students a number of convenient classes. Their financial aid department will answer any questions students have and will help them fill out the FAFSA. Funding for education can be done in a number of affordable ways. The government offers grants that do not have to be paid back. Loans are also available and can put the costs of a college degree on a payment plan. The classes are so affordable that some students pay for their classes out of their pocket.

Visit the school’s website for more information.

Trinidad State Junior College Gunsmithing School

One of the Premier Gunsmithing Schools in the Country

Trinidad State Junior College is well-known among gunsmithing schools in the United States, and is the oldest community college in Colorado. Founded in 1925, the school is located in Trinidad Colorado, with a satellite campus in Alamosa, Colorado, with a total enrollment of about 2,200 students.. The school is widely touted as one of the finer gunsmithing schools in the country.

Photo by Billy Hawthorn


The TSJC gunsmithing school offers a 2 year gunsmithing degree program. This highly popular program is offered in the spring and fall semesters. The program consists of basics such as firearms safety, machine shop courses, stockmaking, firearms finishing, and repairs.

Trinidad, Colorado, is a community of about 10,000-12,000 people situated in the Rocky Mountains about 15 miles north of New Mexico and 80 miles south of Pueblo. The city offers free tours on the Trinidad Trolley, and year-long geocaching, and events throughout the year. The city sports a unique character, with a great deal of Victorian archtecture, unusual for a city this far west. The region also has a rugged wilderness for students to explore.

Photo by Billy Hawthorn

Trinidad State and the NRA

Summer Gunsmithing Program

Having had a long and fruitful affiliation with the National Rifle Association, Trinidad State Junior College also offers the NRA Summer Gunsmithing Program. The courses are well-suited for all students, both novice gunmakers and professionals. The school offers one and two week courses in a wide variety of gunsmithing fields, such as stockmaking, engraving, checkering, and custom bluing, as well as related subjects such as knifemaking and scrimshaw, and the assembly of popular models such as the 1911 pistol.

The majority of classes are available for about 350 dollars a week, and housing in the student dorms at around 100 dollars a week. It’s important to note that students will need to bring their own hand tools, and all materials necessary for the completion of the firearm, including the weapon itself. Of course, students will need to comply with local laws concerning gun ownership and possession.

The local Bill Prator gun range, located on County Road 24-6 southeast of Trinidad, is available for student use while taking part in the program. It is newly remodeled, and features a covered range for both pistols and rifles, as well as five concrete shooting-stations.

TSJC Gunsmithing Schools’ Past and Present

Established in the April of 1925, this college was initially housed within Trinidad High School, the college sharing both the faculty and facilities with the school. In 1935, Trinidad State Junior College courses were relocated to a remodeled Tillotson Academy, located on Prospect Street. In the college’s initial years, its courses ranged from Arts and Science Degrees and teacher training courses. The college experienced some anxiety as to where it must be located until in 1939, TSJC became autonomous, followed by its permanent structure which was first built in the year 1941. It was named the Berg Administration Building, named after Mr. Albert Berg who was a member of the committee of the junior college for years. From that initial building, the college has slowly seen improvements and expansions and now, from a mere 73 students, the colleges’ two campuses is already catering to more than 2,200 students aspiring to finish quality courses.

While it is the oldest state college in the Colorado area, it is far from being outdated. The curriculum offered by Trinidad State Junior College is evolving continuously in order to keep up with the dynamic changes in both the community and the needs of its students. As of now, the College offers several 9-month certification programs as well Associate Degrees.

If you are searching through gunsmithing schools to jumpstart your career, Trinidad State Junior College is well worth considering.